Biriyani and ChatGPT

A night-out in Bangalore to ChatGPT Biriyani. TLDR, the biriyani didn't meet our expectations.

It was just a typical weekend after countless meetings, scratching the why the logic does not work, scratching again why it works, and hoping QA will not raise issues for the same. And then there comes the quiet 2 days Saturday and Sunday. And below I share my experience of using AI for my night-out plan, and how did it turn.

The Biriyani Story

After countless google search queries for night-out plan at Bangalore all it showed me was bunch of resto-bars and nothing much, so after carefully think for a minute of what I doing with my life ( What’s wrong with me, ahh don’t open the door), an idea sparked in me, hey why cant I ask ChatGPT to suggest me the same. Surprise surprise it landed me the usual ‘ChatGPT is at capacity right now’ and I remembered about that Trip Planning AI, but when I checked it was behind the paywall after the first 1000 free users for a day.

Finally I gave up and ciao with friends not sure where we are going. After careful consideration, it boiled down to famous Mani’s Hoskote 4AM biriyani which is roughly 40 KM’s from us.

The feel of the gushing wind, countless street dog encounters, not sure should we take the bridge or lay low while navigating with google maps and one long tea break and With all the hype for the late-night Biriyani and an army of food bloggers from Youtube stating that there will be a queue for 1 KM’s for Biriyani ar Hoskote, we packed in all early and reached there by 2:00 AM, not knowing what to do, we continued the same loop of little office talks, awkward silences, and there it is, the aroma of Biriyani, those damn spices, there we heard a voice, a group of strangers disusing about ChatGPT, the introvert me was not ready to pop a hi. After a final wave of aroma and wait, it’s biriyani time. As I mentioned, the Biriyani was not what we expected it to be and we didn't feel any difference in taste and felt same as the Biriyani we would usually order from a local Restaurant. I know its all in the experience and the thrill but still we stepped in with a lot of hype. Again thinking about my life decisions, not to the same rabbit hole — There came an moment of realization, how much AI has contributed, came in handy to solve some weird questions, and how it is being used by us indirectly in day-to-day life, how it is shaping the world. Out of the blue, we didn’t expect ChatGPT name to pop up there at 3:00 AM. This shows its potential and how it will become an integral part of the human king and then comes phoenix out of the ashes, the Bing.

Bing — Adding fuel to the fire. The AI Search Engine war.

I came across some articles about Bing integrating ChatGPT model in it, and just with no hype and expectations I registered in for the waitlist. But I was sure of one thing, I will not switch from my Google to Bing even with added spice of prometheus and ChatGPT.

Boy ohh boy, I was so wrong, after seeing the new bing in action at The WAN Show Live from Linus Tech Tips (

Wow, the new bing blew me away, I was screaming along with Linus and Luke and was like what in the world is this? After the show, there was Youtube recommendation (Youtube Algorithm knows me very well), for the Bing Event showcasing the same and as I was watching it, I was like if this is what new bing is bringing to the table, I will for sure, wave a byeeeee to Google as default search Engine and give Microsoft edge a shot.

End of the story, I hope the hype and expectation of the new bing is not the same as that of Biriyani we had.

Later the next day, when I asked ChatGPT to suggest me some places for night-out in Bangalore, this is what it came up with.