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What's on my Raspberry-Pi

What's on my Raspberry-Pi

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NaveenKumar M N
·Aug 27, 2022·

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Raspberry PI is slowly crawling its way up to top of things you should own as a Software Developer. All because of its low-power-consumption, configurable, open-source and the biggest one of all, you can own a server toooooo. I get it, its not like what is being offered by big players like Azure, AWS, GCLOUD, come on guys saying that you own a server would be a great ice-breaker when you are in a party, talking to your non-techie friend's or you can brag about it on your first-date (Dating advice 101).

Jokes apart, it has become part of my daily-developer-cycle. So here are some the services I run in my Raspberry-PI along with docker.

  1. Docker
  2. Pi-hole -- A simple Network Wide Ad-Blocker.
  3. MySQL Server
  4. ElasticSearch and Kibana.
  5. Portainer - to manage the docker.
  6. Firefly - to manage finances.

Comment down the services you are running in Raspberry Pi.

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